USA: Attorney General Calls it Correct!



In a speech on January 26, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said: “In recent years, there was an erosion of support for anti-drug law enforcement – in Congress, in state legislatures, and even among some of the general public.  One law enforcement professional told me he felt disappointed that government officials didn’t seem to understand the importance of his work.  Resources were redirected.

“What has been the result?   We saw drug purity and availability go up and drug prices go down.  We saw addiction and death spread like never before.”

Attorney General Sessions correctly drew a causal connection between the rise in overdose deaths and drug liberalization movements.  He spoke at the Drug Enforcement Administration’s graduation ceremony for its agents last Friday.   Graduates must have been encouraged when he said: “So I wanted to be here today to state loudly and clearly: this Department of Justice supports you.  We believe in you and the importance – the morality-of your mission.”  See entire opioid epidemic speech on DOJ website.

Drug addicts don’t recover easily.  Abolitionist Frederick Douglas: “It’s easier to raise strong men than repair broken men.”

Addiction is a “contemporary version of slavery.  It destroys autonomy and free will, a foreseeable outcome of using chemicals that artificially suppress and supplant natural brain reward systems.” (Pontifical Academy of Sciences report on drugs, November 2016)

For complete article PermissionIsKillingOurKids


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