USA: Cannabis Commercialization Crucifying our Kids!


As if one needed another reason to stand against marijuana commercialization, a recent study published in the journal Addiction builds upon the mountain of evidence that the reckless, drastic policy change results in negative outcomes for public health.

The study finds that marijuana commercialization was associated with a 67-77% increase in marijuana exposure calls to poison control centers, with a dramatic rise in exposures among those below the age of 21.

According to the study, had all 50 states and DC commercialized marijuana in 2017, the total number of exposures nationwide would have risen by more than 60%.

Also according to the study, marijuana commercialization increased the availability and accessibility of marijuana among minors.

In its conclusion, the study’s author argues that more should be done to aid prevention efforts, with a specific focus on discouraging use of the drug among minors, and combat marketing of the drug.

The fact is, our nation is facing a multitude of issues that threaten public health…

…and with the potential for increased harms to public health and safety, whether it be dangerous exposure of highly potent marijuana to minors, a continuation of the marijuana vaping crisis, or increased impaired traffic fatalities, the risks of expanding this industry are much too great.

Click the link below to send a message to your representative in Congress and urge them to oppose any and all efforts that would benefit the marijuana industry at the expense of public health and safety.

<<Click here to tell your legislators to reject marijuana legalization>>

Nothing can be more important than promoting the health and safety of our fellow Americans. Thank you for all that you are doing on that front.

Stay safe,

Dr. Kevin Sabet – President & CEO                                                                                                      Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

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