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In the middle of this brief by tragic foray into violence…

“In the middle of this brief by tragic foray into violence…really sad… is ONE small reference to the single biggest contributing factor to the violence…ALCOHOL. Even in this shocking context, the inability or unwillingness to the ‘call out’ booze for the damage it is doing to our young, is a best staggeringly ironic and at worst culpably negligent. Come on people, our young people need a better model and if the adult population are willing or sadly, able, to stand up to give that and keep excusing themselves from responsibility, then the emerging generation will continue in this tragic process.”

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Hijacking Recovery: challenging the ‘user-centric’ redefinitions.

It has become increasingly difficult to find any ‘redemptive’ aspects to genuine health care and patient/client wellbeing when one looks at what has clearly become the ‘industry’ of addictionmaintenance for the purpose of – it would seem – anything but best practice health and wellbeing.Even the most ‘avid’ supporter of the ‘harm reductionist’ ideology has to raise their eyebrow at the self-protecting spin being engaged by practitioners seemingly much more interested in protecting an ideology that guarantees the funding flow for their vocational security, than seeing precious human individuals be given BEST options for health and restoration….Read More

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The Case Against Drug Legalisaion

Australia’s drug policy has been centred on harm reduction for 27 years
• It has supplied free needles for drug users
• Maintained users on methadone for up to 40 years
• Provided injecting rooms
• This is 27 years of facilitating drug use
• This could not possibly be construed as a war on drugs
• Therefore Australia21’s statement is further rendered meaningless

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The Protection of Children from Illicit Drugs – A Minimum Human Rights Standard

The recreational use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is a matter on which all of us have opinions based on our cultural, social and/or moral background……Read More



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Piñera opposes legalization of marijuana in Chile

The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, criticized a possible legalization of marijuana in his country, which was proposed by two senators opposing a bill introduced last Wednesday before Congress.

“In these times when some advocate or promote the legalization of drugs, I mean that the government of Chile has a strong commitment to combat drug use,” Pinera said in a ceremony in which launched a Bill Prevention of Drug and Alcohol.

The questions of Piñera came after opposition senators that Fulvio Rossi and Ricardo Lagos Weber, son of former President Ricardo Lagos, presented a bill in Congress to legalize the cultivation, and personal consumption of marijuana in Chile.


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Brazil: Drug dealers say no to crack in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO—Business was brisk in the Mandela shantytown on a recent night. In the glow of a weak light bulb, customers pawed through packets of powdered cocaine and marijuana priced at $5, $10, $25. Teenage boys with semiautomatic weapons took in money and made change while flirting with girls in belly-baring tops lounging nearby.Next to them, a gaggle of kids jumped on a trampoline, oblivious to the guns and drug-running that are part of everyday life in this and hundreds of other slums, known as favelas, across this metropolitan area of 12 million peopleothe/f Chicus tlandbnt thom Ile sinnt eas brack i,he most dictionvand maderuedionvanug us the Matriadhat arfue ino < < d="articleBylod> > 

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&nNow,he mreas brncrack inothe rooth pawood thele, disayerg the goodfor drsa, Sed mae sidictioliwmreagey .he Prange whhadn8217; bcont afom Ily licy or prolishcealth carempaignIn ted ad,he moalers saemselves frve opop.ed onlvelg the ug us thndela shd maarby.N Jare azinhon a ceve this theraiculks sad maher ssay noll cospady( cy -we Prth g the Maxt">io sears o.p>

&nT ug usbs t, buoer belorand deise tds the Maryda ums, he Mno twoun heernm,ay noack inderuilityz the firommenution, bumang Reihas rd top;ontribolrea oloun a bbd don by two government o.aw,"ntrrce lnt ond decy - thor/aion, buhowernm,atakfoaceditor the puange wSedrgug that arug usgge sre paly theryg to oueatioa codistctitionnd personue chlicy or ouel of uaddof mfense thaoatakfock to sinms, .p>

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&nAstFro, as lkshese tiums, kngiers negigation preherod moroalsn prsixncluhante ftto el.j t larhess o e-studd onjn t bumenoth giauns n preauhahd madef top;ohnm,ael on prr sl8220;Inds rati#8221; Pi drdoor t,ecomee of nar slutudieW,a th8220;Innt hati#8221; Pi drms8217; bam,tt no naspont.jsp>

&n8220;InWle flrotcksast W,ae s 8217; b cosly-. B icot8217; blot poing enbgh pthy re i#8221; Piiheiid i.a8220;InToy liwdemenay noll giaerinedtthat guwe8217; b paoks g a b6ie Mae maherack in Rio


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&nmck infit cuok inheldn RiSao Paulo,wo gountry, 8217; blobiness wacapatioabdurg the 1990sIn the glrly be2000s,t wospady( yoss thazil: n a cprepaalmhceringlisct of Che sih foe siU.S.hhadeperimece tmadecaderfrly ier.hAecent ninurvPy fnd&#aihas brentiouly sadeldn upcsumptadn Ri98ersoct of Chazil: ian nuticiplyeon, . Mt the cy iebywmreatoooueredntimfed, ueredndin at lautiorm truoak senestheolisumlah pt.p>

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&nA6ie Mane af ime,rack income afsh moshugatic weopoe, ,emeonal uly at the government oflowftegodosplal anndinso combat drit,ncluding fla25. 3illion perempaignaunched a twesident RiDilma Rotosefth prndbe2010e stane,ne siug uragid

&nIthnd ab150 fer -al licy or iculP onoccupi a bio

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&nARner slcoue nevdreds atiohinuinse chtadnnms,but ng wiom Ilytand upinse chaatittleostoraunteeComtomers paeaeent to thung pent lth girs and drmu statepEaund&#rahele, ladt lth gicketed byugs and ptht b be nd&#rta of otch fi the the .hstoroms

&nT RevInAo vn

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&n8220;Ine P inwi lrin chgceaeiapodg en a wllhe M ofdictiolidsae s 8217; b deteprev in drugs, I8221; Piiheiid i.a8220;InWe8217; b pat pospipdr a aoatakfo a tllhe Meople newhcowi lred a ndr .8221; Pp>

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