Dozens of California politicians are working for the pot industry

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“Conflicts of interest, backroom deals, and general corruption are hallmarks of the marijuana industry and its bought and paid for political puppets. The methods of how the marijuana industry gains and uses its political influence are becoming more and more apparent and the public should pay attention to this new billion-dollar lobbying group which will pay for the votes it needs.”
-Carla Lowe

How the marijuana industry influences politics

1. Industry lobbyists meet with and donate to elected officials or candidates
2. Elected official promotes the industry and policies supportive of the industry
3. Elected official receives more donations
4. Elected officials appoint industry friendly individuals as “regulators” of the industry
5. When the elected official terms out of office they take high paid positions within the industry as lobbyists, consultants, and advocates.
Rinse and repeat.

Appointed regulators also jump from regulatory positions to industry consultants to assist the industry in creating policies that are friendly to marijuana drug-dealing and in navigating and modifying regulations in favor of the industry.

“There is virtually no one on marijuana policy advisory or regulatory boards who are anti-drug or prevention specialists or who has expertise in the harms related to pot use or normalization. The pot industry is being hired to write and recommend regulatory policies. It is no surprise that no jurisdiction is successfully regulating or controlling this drug dealer industry.”
-Scott Chipman

Dozens of California politicians are working for the pot industry
Marijuana-loving former politicians are lining up to profit off the end of their war on drugs
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