Global: More Drug Use, More Grief, More Carnage -This is Not the Future our Children & Communities Deserve

There was no joy in putting together this program, “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle”.  I never wanted to do a follow up to “Seattle is Dying”. I’m not comfortable putting my opinion out into the open. I’m a news guy, and as such, bias is my enemy.

And yet… here we are.

“The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” is an essay, really. It’s a stark, frank look at a philosophy that has taken hold in Seattle, one that I believe is destroying not only our city, but countless lives that are left to languish in misery all around us.

My hope is that the show doesn’t become a political football. A blame game. An us-versus-them talking point that results in nothing but division.

Feeling safe and protected in a beautiful city that takes care of its most vulnerable isn’t the exclusive domain of either the left or the right. It’s what we all want and deserve.

I didn’t want to make “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle”. But look around. Look at the suffering. Look what has happened to our beautiful home. How could I not make it?

Eric Johnson – Journalist   

Prohibition is not ‘killing’ or ‘criminalizing’ or kids and communities. Let us be perfectly clear, it is PERMISSION models that are facilitating these tragedies.

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