We are excited to announce that registration is open for the ISSUP International Conference 2021 which will be held as a three-day virtual event across the 8th, 9th and 10th of December

Focusing on the application of theory to practice, the event aims to deepen the understanding of what is meant by “evidence-based” and will consider how the research on what constitutes an evidence-based approach can be transferred to the domain of practical application.

Evidence-based principles for effective drug demand reduction

Many practitioners find it difficult not only to access and understand the research but also face the dilemma of how to implement what might be sound theory into the context and realities they face. The event will consider issues related to transferring theory into practice, identifying challenges and how sound research and evidence-based principles can be applied in reality.

About the Conference

Conference presentations will take a case study approach, sharing practical examples of how research has been translated and applied to situations within a particular ISSUP National Chapter country.

There will be an introductory session on the first day to address what the term "evidence-based” means and its importance for the field of drug demand reduction. Further event information is available here.

Book your place

Please click here to register for the conference. Registering once will give you access to all sessions. We ask that all attendees register electronically and we look forward to welcoming friends, colleagues and ISSUP members to what promises to be an insightful and highly informative event.