Don’t decriminalise! Are you serious, why not? The war on drugs has failed! Criminalising personal recreational choice is futile! The legalisation is not stopping people from using or taking it up! Prohibition has failed! This is a health issue, not a criminal issue!

Oh and the relentless ranting of dismissive mantras go on and on and on!  You see, the idea is, if you say something loud enough and long enough to a weary, busy and uninformed audience, you’ll eventually get them to a) stop objecting (it’s not really in their world and won’t spend limited energy on it, if it doesn’t directly impact them, or worse b) imply consent by an indifferent silence … and this is where we are in our first world ‘clever’ West!
Sadly though, the ‘ostrich’ response (sticking head in the sand and hoping you will not get run over) combined with the relentless squeal of the squeaky wheel that is the small, but well-funded pro-drug lobby, will get greater traction unless reality pushes back.
This site is just a small part of the global agenda to rescue the future from the ravages of drug use in all their forms, social, economic, familial, relational and health.

We seek to inform the vast majority of  people about not only the clear and latent dangers of currently illicit drugs/substances, but more so present the facts and evidence of the impact the social experiment of drug decriminalisation/legalisation would have on the future generations.

A couple of quick questions every person who one day hopes to be a parent or who is a parent, must answer honestly before making or not making decisions about libertine drug policy….
a)     Do you think your children or grandchildren will be better off on drugs?
b)     Do you think your children or grandchildren will be better off with easier access to drugs?
c)      Do you think your children or grandchildren will be better off having to wait until addictions damages their life before they have any option to receive help to become drug free?
If you answered no to any or all these, then you need to join this fight – the fight to rescue the generations from the dysfunction, damage, deficit and dis-ease that is drug induced.